Green Card Nation is a brand that was founded with the goal of celebrating and promoting cultural diversity and inclusion. We understand the struggles and challenges that come with leaving one's home country and starting a new life in a different culture The name "Green Card Nation" was chosen to represent the diversity of backgrounds and cultures that make up the United States. The green card, or permanent resident card, is a symbol of belonging and acceptance in a new country. By wearing a Green Card Nation jacket, individuals can show their pride in their heritage and their commitment to creating a more inclusive society. Each Green Card Nation jacket is carefully crafted to showcase the unique elements of a specific culture. From the embroidery and patterns, to the choice of colors and fabrics, every detail is chosen to represent the beauty and richness of a particular heritage. Our Green Card Nation team are passionate about using fashion as a means of promoting cultural understanding and unity. We hope that our jackets will not only provide a fashionable and comfortable way to celebrate your heritage, but also spark meaningful conversations and connections with others.


Green Card Nation is about traveling to unknown territories externally and internally
In order to realize the best version of yourself.